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Our goal is to make the cow healthy, it is our income

Sun and sun cattle feed dairy is a trustworthy product for farmers. For the last 9 years, dairy farmers have always been successful in providing quality balanced animal feed.Along with this we have made a number of improvements in the quality of animal feed by keeping in mind the knowledge given by scientists research and animal dietician from time to time.

Quality and reliability

Whole dough for calf / calf.High quality protein and energy equipment.Plenty of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.A good taste, which can eat calves / calves well.

We deliver all our products to our customers in the right way

We maintain all our products in the same way. When we deliver the product to one of our customers, it is taken care that the product is protected from rain or sunshine. Some kind of problem can not be reached by product customer.

Product Quality
Best Delivery
Safe Environment

Our Popular Products

We make the best products. That is what our customer likes. We have some great products.Some of our products are like this..

  • Kaaph Staartar
  • Hiphr and Draee
  • Closeup Feed
  • Makkhan Pailet
  • Appa Pailet
  • jyoti Pailet
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Kaaph Staartar

Sun & Sun Product

Hiphr and Draee

Sun & Sun Product

Closeup Feed

Sun & Sun Product

Makkhan Pailet

Shree Appaji Product

Appa Pailet

Shree Appaji Product

jyoti Pailet

Shree Appaji Product

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